Meet our family...the mini zoo!

Meet  the animal family

Meet Monty

Meet the mini zoo at Mille Fleurs Cottage


A dream that became a reality. Two donkeys rescued from a life of living cramped in a garage with 4 others, only seeing the light of day for a few hours a day.

They were starved and mistreated and in a very poor way before being rescued.

It is hard to imagine that these two healthy donkeys were once very skinny and in a very poor state yet despite how they were treated, have got such wonderful personalities. So friendly, cheeky and cute without an ounce of trauma or fear.

We are so lucky to have been given the opportunity to give these special friends a new home and a huge thanks to my friend Niki who worked hard in rescuing all the donkeys and trusting that I could give a good home to two of them and

follow on her good work.


We have..... Daisy the friendly miniture jack russell. Marley the alsatian cross who wins everyones hearts with his cuddles. Last but not least, Murphy, the lab cross, a huge bundle of mischief, still in his teens.


Petal, Rosie and Lilly all rescue cats. All very different characters and ages.


Monty, the cockatoo who's main words are'hello' and 'come on then'. He loves to be cuddled and tickled under his wings if you are brave enough to hold him.

That large beak scares most people.


Two rescue goats, Dolly and Tinker, love their food and entertain

with lots of antics.

The giraffes and zebras have been ordered and should arrive once my hubby has given his permission!

Every day is fun with the furry friends

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